Do Video Games have the social stigma that was once attached to them?

Has the representation of gaming changed in today’s culture?

The main aim of the project is to question whether gaming holds the social stigma it once did, to compare this to the representation today and ultimately suggest whether the increasing attention and exposure to this medium is necessarily a good thing (i.e. is this continually evolving for better or worse?)

Another aim is to show how gaming has affected modern culture; it's effects on the human condition with video game addiction and role play/ cosplay, the recent emergence of 'professional gaming' and it's impact on career and 'money-making' choices, and the increasing popularity of machinima - film-making primarily using a video game engine.

Throughout the project, I hope to show that the social stigma that has always been associated with gaming whilst may appear to have finally broken down, in reality has actually become darker, more twisted and much more extreme.

Documentary Timeline 09/10
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Documentary Treatment 09/10
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